PRIMUS INTER PARES Obs.Lat. "first among equals," the ideal condition of a LORD to his VASSALS.

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About Primus Interpares Consulting

Primus Interpares Consulting ~ a registered Microsoft partner

Primus Interpares Consulting is a registered Microsoft partner providing hardware, software and training solutions for individuals and small to medium-sized companies in the New York area.

Our primary focus is to ensure your hardware platform provides stability for your business needs. We analyze your existing functionality and recommend upgrades where necessary, as well offer suggestions for greater capability as your business grows. We utilize Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Small Business Server 2003.

Primus is a leader in advising and implementing databases that provide exceptional value for your business model. Our clients are able to experience exponential growth and increased value to their business model when both their offering and customer data merge into true dollar value. Clients often find additional opportunities to compete in the marketplace when data is accurately captured and analyzed. The training and oversight we provide in this regard enables us to help you build a strong, consistent brands.

We listen to our clients and understand their need for solutions without the technical jargon. Primus takes the extra step to solve the smaller problems that get in the way, including resolving backup issues, importing and exporting data, maintaining databases, creating reliable synching, replicating information and implementing special inter-company communications such as intranets.


Windows NT, Windows Server 2008, Microsoft CRM, Sharepoint Server


I presently work as an independent consultant, fixing computers and helping users with Software and Hardware issues. I specialize in temporary contract employment in New York City.

I have been fixing computers for small business and corporate clients for over 6 years. My experience includes troubleshooting both Hardware & Software issues of any sort, and I have fixed problems on PCs, Servers Mac, and UNIX platforms. I have worked help desk on the trading floors of brokerage firms helping users of windows NT/2000 operate and setup both client computers and server systems.

I have an intimate knowledge of the Microsoft Windows Platform, and all versions of DOS, Windows 9x & Windows XP/NT/2000 including MS Office 2002, BackOffice, and the .NET Technology Frameworks. I have also been active in the Microsoft Channel, as a System Builder member, and as Intel and Cisco systems product reseller.

I’ve had over 14 years professional experience as a computer lab technician/programmer for Unisys Corporation formally Sperry Gyroscope in Great Neck, NY from 1980 to 1995. I am presently evaluating Windows XP Professional, Visual Studio .NET and the .Net Server Platform.

I would be most interested in finding contract work helping users setup or install Windows XP/2000 computers.


Primus Interpares Consulting

I am an independent computer consultant who travels door to door in New York City, helping small businesses, medium-sized businesses and home users with all types of computer problems.

Do you get strange error messages?

Do you need help getting online or building a website?

I can help in using Windows or other computer applications. Don’t pay ridiculous prices to fix problems in your old Windows 95, 98 computers.  I am a former U.S. Navy Computer Technician with vast knowledge of computers. Since 1995 I have been going around New York City helping beginners and small business users with all types of computer problems. I am fully capable of fixing both hardware/software problems of any sort at much lower prices than big stores and large consulting companies charge. I can do more for you while saving you money and providing you with the personal attention you deserve. For any type of computer assistance, give me a call.

Primus Interpares Consulting which specializes in the installation, administration and maintenance of midrange server and high end workstation computers. My focus is on building and upgrading existing computers, giving you faster machines with more memory.

I work with Microsoft Windows NT and have worked with them since version 3.1.



I can help with all manner of your small business computer problems. Installation of servers, databases and software is my specialty.







Help for Small and Home Business.



Check out my website at or call for quicker service and consult: 212 726 2463


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    Primus Interpares Consulting Industry Affiliations



    Ø  I am a Registered Microsoft Partner

    Ø  I am an IBM Partner

    Ø  I am a Cysco Systems Partner and Reseller

    Ø  I am an Intel Partner and Reseller

    Ø  I have a relationship with Sybase

    Ø  I have a relationship with Oracle

    Ø  I have an account with Ingram Micro

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Primus interpares consulting

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