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My Background and Training

LI Started My Career in computers as an Aviantion Missile Sytems technichian in the U.S. Navy (1974-1978), After the Navy I worked for Unisys Defence Electronics formaly Sperry Gyroscope in Great Neck (1980-1994) Unisys Downsized in the early 90s and I was laied off,

I had been invited to a couple of Microsoft Seminars while I was still working at Unisys, I did not have the time or money to attend at the time, after I was laid off I was able to go to the Windows 95 opening and there I got the scedule for the upcoming seminars.


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    LThe following is a list of most of the seminars the I have attended, Not all of them were at Microsoft Some were at IBM, Cisco Systems, Oracle corp. and Intel Corp.

Microsoft ATEC Classes and Channel Development Training and Seminars


57) Microsoft Corporate Developer Review, Building a Component-based Scaleable System Microsoft Corp., NYC 1998

56) Introducing systems Management Server 2.0 and Zero Administration Windows     Microsoft Corp., NYC 1998

55) Multi-User Windows NT (Hydra)                                                                         Microsoft Corp., NYC 1998

54) Microsoft eCommerce Technical Solutions Briefing,                                            Microsoft Corp., NYC 1998

53) Microsoft Corporate Developer Review, Building a Client-Side Application              Microsoft Corp., NYC 1998

52) Microsoft Windows DNA Technical Solutions Briefing,                                         Microsoft Corp., NYC 1998

51) Microsoft Solutions Tour,                                                                                  Compaq/Microsoft Corp., NYC 1998

50) E-Commerce Consulting Revenues with Microsoft Site Server                              Microsoft Corp., NYC 1998

49) Delivering Distributed System Services with Microsoft Technologies and Tools        Microsoft Corp., NYC 1998

48) Building Windows DNA Applications for the Internet and Intranet                          Microsoft Corp., NYC 1998

47) Installing and Configuring Microsoft Proxy Server,                                                PC Etcetera, NYC  1997

46) Installing and Configuring Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0,                            CGI Corp., NYC 1997

45) Understanding the Active Directory                                                                    Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

44) Deploying Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server                                      Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

43) Cisco Voice/Data Integration Seminar                                                                Cisco Systems, NYC 1997.

42 Microsoft Direct Access Briefing                                                                         Microsoft Corp. NYC 1997

41) Exchange 101: Selling Messaging Solutions                                                        Microsoft Corp. NYC 1997

40) Microsoft Transaction Server                                                                              Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

39) Internetworking with TCP/IP on Microsoft Windows NT Server                              Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

38) Planning a Microsoft Exchange Server Migration,                                                Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

37) The Web Solutions Market,                                                                                Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

36) Web Application Development Techniques,                                                         Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

35) Creating Active Server Pages: A Technical Drilldown,                                          Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

34) Microsoft Certification Rally 97,                                                                         Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

33) Microsoft Windows NT Server Networking Techniques for Integrating  Novell Netware,Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

32) Client and Server Security,                                                                                 Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

31) Building Business Components with Java and ActiveX,                                        Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

30) Building Line of Business Applications,                                                             Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

29) DataBase Programming Featuring Active Data Objects,                                 Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

28) Planning a Corporate Desktop Migration,                                                             Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

27) End-to-End Application Development,                                                                 Wave Technologies, NYC 1997

26) End-to-End Enterprise Network Solutions,                                                           Wave Technologies, NYC 1997

25) Planning Microsoft Windows NT Networks,                                                          Microsoft Corp.,. NYC 1997

24) Migrating from Sybase to SQL Server 6.x,                                                     Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

23) Vision Builder from Client/Server to Intranets,                                             Vision Software/Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

22) Microsoft Developer Days,                                                                                 Microsoft Corp., NYC 1997

21) SQL Server 6.5,                                                                                             Microsoft Corp., NYC 1996

20) Windows NT Server,                                                                                     Microsoft Corp., NYC 1996

19) Microsoft Strategic Product Briefings,                                                                Microsoft Corp., NYC 1996

18) Lotus Notes Seminar,                                                                                       Source Finance, NYC 1996

17) Keeping Software on Time and on Track,                                                          MKS Inc., NYC 1996

16) Testing Enterprise Client/Server,                                                                        SQA Inc., NYC 1996

15) Breaking the Client/Server Barrier,                                                                    Neuron Data Corp., NYC 1996

14) Client/Server Seminar, (Process Engineer, Systems Engineer)                             LBMS,  NYC   1996

13) S-Designer for PowerBuilder,                                                                         Powersoft Corp., NYC 1995

12) QA Partner,                                                                                                     Segue Corp., NYC 1995

11) Windows NT Seminar,                                                                                       Westcon Services, White Plains, NY 1995

10) Under the Hood with Windows NT Server,                                                            Microsoft Corp., DB/Expo 95 NYC 1995

9) Powersoft Partner Programs,                                                                               Powersoft Corp., NYC 1995

8) Parallel Computing Seminar,                                                                               IBM Corp., NYC 1995

7) Sybase Demo Days,                                                                                        Sybase Corp., NYC 1995

6) Technogloses It's Not Just Middleware,                                                              Technogloses Corp., NYC 1995

5) Windows 95 Technical Workshop,                                                                      Microsoft Corp., NYC 1995

4) Windows 95, Traincast Series,  ARK Professional Training Center, NYC 1995

3) Networking with Windows 95,                                                                            Smartforms Corp., NYC 1995

2) Windows 95 Is Here. Are You Ready?,                                                           ASAP Software Express, NYC 1995

1) Windows 95 Opening,                                                                                Microsoft Corp., NYC 1995

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